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Hi there!
My name is Megan, & I would love to photograph you!
I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer who specializes in people. Whether I am photographing babies, children, seniors, couples, engagements, weddings, or families, I would be thrilled to be the one you choose to share these special moments with!

I am a Pittsburgh native who has had a love for photography that has been growing ever since I first developed black and white photos in my high school dark room. While I enjoy all aspects of photography, I especially enjoy photographing people and using my photos to tell a story.

I have a BS in both photography and sociology from Carlow Univeristy. I have interned with, and assisted Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer, Martha Rial on photo shoots while in my senior year of college. I have also worked with Pittsburgh based artist, Fran Gialamas, assisting in her studio and photographing her work for galleries and websites.


My background studying both photography and sociology allows me to connect and understand people and look at society with a more critical view. I like to use photography as a tool for the exploration of society and I love connecting with my clients to create memorable photos. I am continuously inspired by the beauity I find, within every new person I meet, young or old, and everything in-between. Nothing is more rewarding in the business then capturing those moments to look back upon. I work hard in this biz to give you something amazing, and for me to be proud of.


Just a little personal info to get you on my level: I am a Netflix junkie, Cat obsessed, dessert addict with a crazy sweet tooth, and also enjoys herself a glass of wine... I love to be weird and silly during our photo sessions, and am usually that photographer who gets so into photographing you, that I trip over my own two feet. I want to make you feel comfortable and I appreciate all types of people and would be so excited to be your photographer <3


Please feel free to explore My website and to contact me with any questions or to set up a photo session. Thanks for visiting!