Welcome Lillian

Not only was this a newborn shoot for 6 day old Lillian, but also with a little Christmas thrown in since we were so close to the holidays. She was an absolutely perfect baby, no fuss from her! Her big brother even got in on the action, enjoy!

Isabella at Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Kellsey & Devin

A beautiful fall day to shoot this cute couple! They were great! Almost got rained on but instead ended up dry with lots of warm, fall foliage.

Most Recent Weddings

A collection of photos from my 3 most recent weddings. Some really great couples, all different and fun!

Kristen & Dave Pegher:

Baranoski Wedding:

Casile Wedding:

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...

....Baby Marcos!  (in a bucket, and a crate, and a suitcase!)
Just a year ago I was photographing Marco's Parents wedding! What a cutie he is.

Danielle & Alan

This gorgeous couple was so very lovely (and in love!!) what a great bunch of people to shoot. Lots of fun!

Rainee and Andrew

I got to photograph this beautiful couple as my first wedding of the 2014 season. Two great families coming together. A wonderful day and lots of fun.

Emma at the Park

Baby Emma models some tutus. Products made by the talented Amber Comer https://www.facebook.com/TheBoutakeryAmberComer

Isabella in a Tutu

Isabella was an awesome model for this impromptu photo shoot. Tutus and hair accessories made by the very talented Amber Comer. You can see more of her products here: https://www.facebook.com/TheBoutakeryAmberComer

Landen Turns ONE

Photos from  a recent shoot. Happy 1st Birthday Landen!

Isabella at Phipps (Merry Christmas!)

Senior 2014!

A coworker of mine hired me to do her senior portraits, we decided on Hartwood Acres. In-between the rain, and after the sun came out, we ended up with some great shots of her. A natural born model! 

Lingrow Farms

A beautiful couple, and a beautiful wedding. What more could you ask for? Here are some fun shots from Nicolas and Audra's wedding. 

I Do.

Weddings, weddings weddings...

Every wedding is different, and they come with their own surprises, you've gotta be on your toes! Fast paced sometimes stressful, but the pictures that you capture from a couples special day will last a lifetime. Here are some great shots from my most recent, and biggest wedding to date. Enjoy! 

Costa Rica 2013

Just returned from Costa Rica, which was a new and exciting experience. Definitely a learning experience. Here are some photos from my trip including visiting a coffee factory, our time in the village with our host families, and as well as some other pretty awesome things...enjoy!

Tarpon Springs: Beaches and the Sponge Docks (and a lot of birds)

Greetings from Florida!

First few days in Tarpon Springs Florida, means a few photos. Sunset at the beach, and the Greek Sponge docks. There's some photos of men bringing in their catch of the day, a boat load of sponges. And there are a few photos of sea birds thrown in there too. Enjoy!

Christmas Photos in the Park

Just did a photo shoot with a great family in Hartwood Acres. What a beautiful day in November with some great shots of the kids!

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